Requirement to use ArriveCAN app challenged in Federal Court | Coronavirus

L&rsquo ;Requirement to use ArriveCAN app challenged in Federal Court | Coronavirus

Constitutional rights group says ArriveCAN app is prone to errors that violated the rights of Canadians.

Advocacy group of Constitutional Rights has launched a legal challenge to the federal requirement for travelers to Canada to use the ArriveCAN app.

The action has was filed in Federal Court by the Justice Center for Constitutional Liberties at No. m of 11 Canadians, some of whom were reportedly fined up to $8,500.

The legal challenge, led by an organization that opposed to public health measures like lockdowns and vaccination requirements, aims to overturn mandatory use of the app and declare unconstitutional quarantine rules for Canadians who refuse to use it. /p>

The lawsuit alleges that the Federal Minister of Health failed or refused to provide evidence that ArriveCAN's data collection is legal or secure .

She also claims that ArriveCAN has proven to be unreliable and prone to errors that have violated the Charter rights of Canadians.

Federal attorneys have yet to file a statement of defense in the case.

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