Residents of Kherson spoke about the bodies that the Russian invaders burned in a landfill

Kherson residents spoke about the bodies that the Russian invaders burned in a landfill

The Russian invaders could use the landfill on the outskirts of Kherson to burn corpses. This is reported by The Guardian with reference to the words of local residents.

According to the residents of Kherson, the Russian military began to use the landfill this summer, restricting civilians from entering it.

The interlocutors of the publication report that they saw how Russian trucks drove up to the landfill, filled with black bags, which were then burned. Residents of an apartment building across from the landfill say the fire produced large plumes of thick, pungent smoke.

The Guardian compared the smell to burning hair and the smell of drilling a tooth. She says the smoke was so thick that she couldn't see the neighboring building.

“There were a lot of dump trucks there, and they were all full of sacks. I don't know what was in them, but the stench from the smoke in the landfill was so strong that we couldn't even open the balcony door. There were days when the smell made it impossible to breathe,” says another interviewee.

The landfill worker said the smell was like rotten meat.

Another a dump employee said he saw the bodies brought to the landfill along with the garbage. “The Russians brought in a Kamaz full of garbage and corpses and unloaded it. Do you think someone was going to bury them? They threw them off, and dumped garbage from above, that's all, ”the newspaper quotes the words of the man.

He said he did not see whether the bodies were military or civilian.

Some of the residents of Kherson interviewed by The Guardian believe that Russian troops disposed of the bodies of their own soldiers in this way. The interlocutor of the newspaper noted that the corpses were brought to the landfill every time the Ukrainian army fired at the positions of Russian troops in the Kherson region.

45-year-old Svetlana, who delivered garbage to the dump with her husband, said that at the entrance to the site there was roadblock set up. “We were not allowed to enter the territory of the landfill, where they burned the bodies. <…> They came here, left a few guards, unloaded [the truck] and burned [the cargo],” she recalls. The woman told The Guardian that she did not see the remains, as the Russians “buried everything that was left.”

The landfill workers said that the Russian occupiers chose the most isolated part of the landfill for use.

Anonymous An official from the Kherson region administration told The Guardian that the Ukrainian authorities “are not interested in the burial places of the enemy.”

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