Residents of Kherson told Western media about the arbitrariness of the Russians during the occupation of the city

Kherson residents told Western media about the arbitrariness of Russians during the occupation of the city

The arbitrariness of the Russian occupiers and their unjustified cruelty could be among the main reasons why the Russification of the population in Kherson failed. Local residents told The New York Times and The Times about this after the liberation of the city.

Kindergarten teacher Elena told reporters that the occupiers had detained her for hosting a pro-Ukrainian stream on TikTok. The woman was put in a bag over her head, drugged and kept in the basement with other detainees for 11 days. She was charged with extremism and released only when the woman agreed to renounce her views on the video.

Pensioner Irina said that Russian soldiers accused her husband of violating traffic rules and beat her on the side of the road. Businessman Alexander compared the atmosphere in Kherson during the period of occupation with the Stalinist terror. The man notes that he had to think carefully about everything before saying something, because «you never know who can report on you if you say something pro-Ukrainian».

Builder Sergei said he was forced to hide with friends for nine months because he feared he would be arrested for taking part in protests against the Russian occupation in March. Some of his friends disappeared after such detentions. Sergei added that the Russian soldiers who came to his house did not find him and stole the TV and refrigerator. The man noted that the pro-Russian authorities “suppressed” the population supporting Kyiv. He called what happened in Kherson ethnic cleansing.

The owner of one of the cafes said that a drunken Russian soldier threatened to plant a grenade in his establishment if the man refused to switch from hryvnia to rubles.

One of the main spheres of Russification was education. Schoolchildren were forced to learn the Russian anthem, while they were told that they were Russians, not Ukrainians. According to one of the NYT interlocutors, most of the schools in Kherson have switched to a curriculum drawn up by Moscow. But this was not the case everywhere. The woman said that she sent her daughter to school only after she made sure that the teachers were secretly teaching not according to the Russian curriculum. The teachers did not teach the Russian anthem to the children, replacing it with the greeting “Glory to Ukraine.”

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