Residents of the borderlands of Chernihiv region are urged to move deep into Ukraine

Residents of the Chernihiv border region are urged to move deep into Ukraine

Head of Chernihiv region OVA Vyacheslav Chaus urged residents of border settlements to move deep into the region because of the shelling from the Russian occupiers. He stated this on Facebook.

According to him, during the past week, 234 «parishes» were recorded in the region. At the same time, a week earlier there were 87 of them.

«I gave the task to the heads of the RVA to intensify work with local self-government and residents of border settlements on possible options for moving from a potentially vulnerable territory. We already have the practice of such resettlement in the Novgorod-Seversky district & # 187;, & # 8212; Chaus emphasized.

According to the head of the Chernihiv OVA, people who want to move within the district should contact the RVA. There they will be provided with assistance both with finding temporary housing and with moving.

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