Reznikov: Advancement in the south has slowed down due to rains, but the Armed Forces are advancing


The advance of the Armed Forces in the south of Ukraine has slowed down due to rainy weather, but the Ukrainian defenders continue to liberate the territories. Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov stated this in an interview with Fox News.

«In the south, we are also continuing our counter-offensive campaign. Right now some weather conditions, I mean rain, are slowing us down. But we use the tactic to return our villages, meters and kilometers step by step, and we will continue to do this», — he said.

The head of the defense department drew attention to the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine control the bridges across the Dnieper, so the Russian invaders will not risk street fighting in Kherson, since subsequently they will not have the opportunity to escape from occupied city.

«We control all bridges across the Dnieper, using American systems such as HIMARS, as well as other MLRS like the M270, 155-mm artillery – all these are modern NATO standard systems, such as the M777 from the USA. For them, staying in Kherson is a real risk, because they will not have the opportunity to escape, as they did in the Kharkov direction, for example, in Izyum and other cities & # 187;, & # 8212; said the minister.

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