Reznikov: Armed Forces of Ukraine will be ready to attack Western equipment in a few months

Reznikov: APU will be ready to attack Western vehicles in a few months

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will be fully prepared for an attack on Western technology in a few months. This was announced by Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov in an interview with «Ukrinform«.

According to him, the allies clearly announced the timing of the supply of Western equipment, which is tied to the duration of the training of Ukrainian soldiers.

< p>Reznikov noted that equipment cannot enter Ukraine just like that, and the crews for the Bradley, Stryker and other systems must be trained.

«And not just as it is crew, but in cooperation, as part of a whole unit. Because their task is to fulfill the task planned by the Ukrainian General Staff. And this task is aimed, first of all, at the de-occupation of the territories of Ukraine», the minister said.

Reznikov said that such preparations take time – we can talk about several months when Ukraine will be fully ready.

«And then, according to the decision of the General Staff, certain events will take place», he summed up.

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