Reznikov confirmed the receipt of HIMARS and IRIS-T by Ukraine, and also announced a “new era of air defense”

Reznikov confirmed receipt of HIMARS and IRIS-T by Ukraine, and also announced a

Ukraine has received four more HIMARS rocket artillery systems from the United States. This was announced by Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov.

«I thank US President Joe Biden and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III and the American people. HIMARS time: good time for Ukrainians and bad time for occupiers. Great news ahead of Ramstein 6, where I'm going tomorrow», — Rezinkov wrote on Twitter on Tuesday Wednesday.

Later, the Minister also confirmed that Ukraine received the first IRIS-T air defense system from Germany.

&# 171; A new era of air defense has begun in Ukraine. IRIS-T from Germany is already here. American NASAMS is on the way. This is just the beginning. And we need more. There is no doubt that Russia is a terrorist state. There is a moral obligation to protect the skies over Ukraine in order to save our people,” he wrote.

German media reported that Germany had already handed over the first of four promised IRIS-anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine. T SLM. The supply of the next three systems is planned for next year.

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