Reznikov: Counteroffensive went better than expected, but Russia can counterattack

Reznikov: Counteroffensive went better than expected, but Russia could counterattack

Despite the brilliant advance of the Ukrainian troops, the Russian occupiers can still launch a counteroffensive. Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov stated this in an interview with the Financial Times.

According to him, the UAF counteroffensive went «better than expected». The Minister emphasized that at the moment the Ukrainian side needs to ensure the security of the liberated territories, as Russia may try to carry out a similar offensive.

«The counteroffensive liberates the territory, and after that you must control it and be ready to defend her», — Reznikov said.

The head of the defense department added that «Ukrainian blitzkrieg» became the biggest failure of the occupying army since the start of a full-scale invasion. Despite the physical fatigue of the Ukrainian fighters, says Reznikov, their morale is at a very high level. He stressed that the success of recent days has proved — Russia can be defeated.

  • The General Staff reported that more than 20 settlements had been liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the past day.

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