Reznikov: Patriot may appear in Ukraine at the next stage of the war

Reznikov: Patriot may appear in Ukraine at the next stage of the war

Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that air defense systems are one of the most important components of what partners provide to Ukraine. He said this in an interview with CNN.

«When you have a war, you will never have enough weapons. We need more of it, especially air defense systems, which are our number one priority», — Reznikov noted.

He believes that the Patriot air defense system may appear on the battlefield in Ukraine at the next stage of the war.

«We We have been discussing (the transfer of Patriot systems to Ukraine – ed.) with our partners for a long time, because this system is expensive and developed with a high degree of complexity. I believe that the Patriot may also appear on our battlefield, but in the next stage», — the minister emphasized.

Reznikov added that the Ukrainian military is trying every day to find the best solution to combat Iranian kamikaze drones launched by the Russian Federation.

&#171 ;We also need anti-drone systems. Electronic warfare is very important to us», — the minister added.

  • The German Foreign Ministry said that Germany does not have Patriot systems that it could transfer to Ukraine.

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