Reznikov ridiculed mobilization in Russia

Reznikov made fun of mobilization in Russia

Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov ridiculed the partial mobilization announced in Russia, linking the Kremlin's plans to recruit 300,000 reservists to the war and the plans of the automobile plant «Moskvich» produce the same number of cars every year. He wrote about this on Twitter.

The head of the defense department recalled that on June 22, the automobile plant «Moskvich» stated that he plans to produce 300,000 cars a year. Meanwhile, on September 21, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that it was planned to mobilize 300,000 reservists as part of the announced partial mobilization.

Reznikov ridiculed mobilization in Russia

«Russian soldiers are dying in the war against Ukraine. Their relatives receive a car as a reward. The value of life and support for the economy in Russia», — Reznikov noted.

  • National Security and Defense Council Secretary Alexei Danilov called the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia Vladimir Putin's plan to dispose of Russian citizens.

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