Reznikov told when the Armed Forces of Ukraine will go on an active offensive again

Reznikov told when the Armed Forces of Ukraine will launch an active offensive again

AFU soldiers will resume active counter-offensive actions when the soil freezes and becomes harder for easier passage of equipment. This was stated by Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov at a press conference with Swedish Defense Minister Paul Jonson in Odessa.

«Weather conditions, the transition from dry autumn to not yet frosty winter… we observed rains and very difficult conditions for attacks from any direction. Because the ground is damp, and wheeled vehicles can hardly pass… I think this decrease in activity is due to the weather. But the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not think to stop. Therefore, taking advantage of the moment when the ground becomes firmer, I am convinced that we will continue our counterattacks, the campaign to liberate our territories», — he noted.

According to Reznikov, Ukraine's plan «very simple — this is the liberation of all temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine until the state of 1991, when the borders of Ukraine were internationally recognized».

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