Rika Zarai, loving mother and grandmother: who is her only daughter Yael?

Despite the distance that separated her from her daughter Yaël and her grandchildren, Rika Zaraï was a mother and grandmother present. A family which today finds itself in mourning, following the death of the singer, which occurred in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.
She was one of ” the most beautiful voices of Israel in French ” … On December 23, 2020, singer Rika Zaraï died at the age of 82. The Israeli Embassy in France confirmed this sad disappearance on Twitter , specifying that the interpreter died on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. Condolences were sent to her husband Jean-Pierre Magnier, but they should also be sent to her only daughter, Yaël .

Before sharing the life of Jean-Pierre Magnier, Rika Gozman was married for the first time to the composer Yohanan Zaraï , met in 1955 while she was doing her military service in Israel as a singer and musician. First collaborators on the camp, the two artists quickly formed a duo, then a couple, and got married in 1958. From their union was born the following year a little girl named Yaël.

Shortly after this happy event, Rika Zaraï joined her husband who was then trying to break into France. Their marriage did not last, but the singer quickly made a name for herself, first in cabarets, then with the general public, thanks to the support of Eddie Barclay, who offered her her first contract at the start of the 1960s. In the process, she met behind the scenes at the Olympia the man who would become her producer and above all, the man of her life: Jean-Pierre Magnier , then Jacques Brel’s musician . ” We’ve been together for fifty years! And I haven’t liked him all this time because he’s better than another. But just because we accept each other as we are “,France Sunday, in 2019.

Rika Zaraï was close to her daughter Yaël, 61, despite the distance between them. ” She lives in Los Angeles and is doing very well , the singer added, to our colleagues. We don’t see each other a lot, but we call each other very often and, with FaceTime, I can see my two grandchildren growing up . son, and even my great-grandchildren! Her oldest 22 had twins, her younger just got married . ” A daughter, grandsons and great-grandchildren who find themselves in mourning at the end of 2020. For his part, Yohanan Zaraï died in 2016 , at the age of 87 years.

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