Rizatdinova about grandmother's call from Crimea: She said that they are saving us, and “arrivals” from the Russian Federation are a hatred

Rizatdinova about her grandmother's call from Crimea: She said that they were saving us, and

Olympic medalist in rhythmic gymnastics Anna Rizatdinova admitted that after Russia's full-scale attack on Ukraine, she stopped communicating with her grandmother, who lives in Crimea. According to her, a relative believed in the stories of propagandists from the Russian Federation.

– I remember, on the first day of the war, we phoned and I told her, “Grandma, we have a war,” and she answers me, “That's good, you're being saved.” This is what someone close to me says. Adequate woman with whom I lived there all my childhood. And she says so! I couldn't believe it. I ask, “From whom to save? Do you understand that now in the country where your granddaughter and great-grandson live, now it's just … Kyiv is on fire, and not only Kyiv, but all of Ukraine. Missiles are coming from Russia.” She tells me, “So it’s all a hat and it’s all not real,” Rizatdinova told Zirkovy Shlyakh. – I tried to somehow prove to her that this is true and not a lie, but this is impossible. They are like zombies. I don't know what they add on this television, but they are zombified. After this call, I did not communicate with my grandmother. I can write to her, ask how her health is, how she feels, but I can’t talk on the phone.

The gymnast added that she had not seen her relative for more than 10 years, and the woman met her great-grandson via video call. At the same time, other relatives of Rizatdinova from Crimea understand what happened and support Ukraine.

Now Anna and her son are with relatives in Bulgaria, and her new chosen one remained in Ukraine and is engaged in volunteer activities.

– I have been waiting for my personal happiness for a very long time, and I have it, but my boyfriend stayed in Ukraine. He is now helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine, – the athlete specified. – It was very difficult for me to part with him.

Rizatdinova is 28 years old. She is a bronze medalist at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Finalist of the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars. Anna is raising her son Roman from a businessman and ex-People's Deputy Alexander Onishchenko. After the breakup, the ex-lover of the gymnast does not keep in touch with her son.

 Rizatdinova about grandmother's call from Crimea: She said that they are saving us, and

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