Rizki DA Gives Surprise To Nadya Mustika

Rizki DA Gives Surprise To Nadya Mustika

Sosok.ID – Nadya Mustika allegedly divorced with Risky YES.

But recently, the two of them seem to be romantic.

Because Risky YES suddenly upload birthday her marriage with Nadya Mustika.

He brought a cake that said “Happy 1st Anniversary Rizki Nadya”.

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“What is this? Happy anniversary, cie! Happy anniversary, honey!” he said.

Seeing Rizki giving a surprise, Nadya Mustika looked embarrassed while covering her face.

“Sorry sir, @nadyamustikarahayu,” wrote Rizki.

As is known when Rizki DA did not acknowledge the child that Nadya was carrying as her flesh and blood.

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He even challenged a DNA test to find out who the baby’s biological father was.

Suddenly Rizki’s statement was immediately blasphemed by netizens.

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They thought Rizki was not ashamed to say that.

Now it seems Rizki can accept when baby Nadya is her own flesh and blood. (Seto Aji/Sosok.ID)


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