Rodnyansky voiced his version of his son's divorce from a Russian actress

Rodnyansky voiced his version of his son's divorce from the Russian actress

Alexander Rodnyansky said that the circumstances of his son's divorce from Yanina Studilina are different than the Russian actress described in interview for a Moscow glossy magazine.

The film producer announced on his Instagram that Russia's attack on Ukraine caught economist Alexander Rodnyansky Jr. in Kyiv, after which he focused on working in the team of Vladimir Zelensky.

– I practically do not write here about my family or our personal life, but today almost the entire Russian secular press has focused on the divorce of my son Alexander from the Russian actress Yanina Studilina. I'll have to speak too.

Yanina, in her interview, which became the basis for many publications, said: “Recent events have finally put an end to our relationship, my ex-husband chose life in Europe. And I decided to stay in Russia.” Under the evasive phrase about “recent events”, as is often the case in Russia, the war in Ukraine is meant. And in connection with this phrase, the words that my son “chose life in Europe” sound at least strange.

Everything, of course, is different. At the moment of the most difficult test that fell to the lot of his native country, Alexander, being a doctor of economic sciences and a professor at Cambridge, chose not Europe, but Ukraine. He took a sabbatical and focused entirely on working in the team of President Zelensky, whose adviser he is.

On February 24, he was in Kyiv, and I heard about the beginning of the war by phone from him. During our conversation, I heard the explosions of Russian bombs and rockets. Since then, Alexander has been with his country. And I am very proud of him,” wrote Rodnyansky.

The producer noted that divorce is a sad event in the life of any family, especially when it occurs after 10 years of marriage.

– Yanina is the mother of my beautiful granddaughter, so she will always be a part of our family, – Alexander Rodnyansky assured.

The star of the series “Ranetki” Yanina Studilina in an interview with the magazine “Atmosfera” said that the last few years of her life with her husband were not easy. Because of her husband's work, the family lived in the USA and Europe, and it was difficult for her to realize herself in the profession. “Recent events” finally put an end to relations, Rodnyansky “choosed life in Europe.” The actress decided to stay in Russia, where she has parents, work and friends. On her Instagram, Studilina stated that the divorce “is not related to politics.” The couple have not lived together since June 2021.

In March 2021, the Cabinet of Ministers appointed Rodnyansky Jr. a member of the supervisory board of Oschadbank as a representative of the state from the president. He was appointed to the position for three years. Since 2020, the producer's son has been an adviser to the President of Ukraine.

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