Rogozin and the “head of the government of the DPR” were wounded in Donetsk

Rogozin and the 'Head of the DNR Government' were wounded in Donetsk

Former head of «Roskosmos» Dmitry Rogozin and the so-called «head of the government of the DNR» Vitaly Khotsenko was injured in Donetsk allegedly after shelling from Ukraine. This is reported by Russian propaganda media.

According to Rogozin's assistant, a hotel on the outskirts of Donetsk, where a group of military advisers led by Rogozin, lived, was shelled. The latter was wounded in the back and was hospitalized. Rogozin himself, in a comment to one of the propaganda publications, confirmed that he was wounded in the back & # 8212; «The fragment passed a centimeter from the spine».

Meanwhile, other sources report that Rogozin received a shrapnel wound to the soft tissues of the head, a penetrating shrapnel wound to the buttocks, and also a penetrating shrapnel wound to the left thigh. It is also reported that Rogozin was wounded in the restaurant of the hotel «Shesh-besh» in Donetsk, where he celebrated his birthday.

State Duma deputy Alexei Zhuravlev said that the hotel was attacked at about eight hours of the evening, when there were “several guests, Dmitry Olegovich's guards, his associates.” According to him, there were three arrivals, “clearly, exactly to the hotel.”

Propaganda Telegram channels report that two people were killed and five more were injured as a result of the strike.

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