Rogozin “fights against NATO” in NATO equipment | A PHOTO


Ex-curator of the Russian military-industrial complex Dmitry Rogozin “fights against NATO” in NATO equipment. His clothes and ammunition, according to MO estimates, cost about a million rubles, writes the telegram channel «We can explain».

« group of advisers in the NVO zone,” the indignant military correspondents drew attention in their channels. “MO” confirmed their correctness. The former head of Roskomos is dressed in an Austrian Carinthia jacket (before mobilization cost up to 80,000 rubles). He wears a Turkish body armor from BIKATEX. 187;, — said in the message.

Rogozin «fights against NATO» in NATO uniform | PHOTO

Rogozin "fights against NATO" in NATO uniform | PHOTOS

Rogozin «fights against NATO» in NATO equipment | PHOTO

In the vest – horns for the German MP-5 submachine gun (in the “Matrix” it was used by Neo in a shootout with special forces) and magazines for the American machine gun FN SCAR-H, ranger weapons. Barrel prices start at 350,000, writes «We can explain».

Rogozin also poses with an American AR-15 assault rifle and a Glock-18-like pistol.

It is noted that even Rogozin's boots are Slovak (Zephire, from 25 thousand) And from the Russian one he only has a helmet from Armocom (price from 120 thousand)


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