Rogozin's assistant and bodyguard of the “head of the government of the DPR” died at the celebration

Rogozin's assistant and bodyguard of the 'head of the government of the DPR' were killed at a party

Assistant to the ex-head of «Roskosmos» Dmitry Rogozin and bodyguard «head of the government of the DPR» were killed in shelling in the Donetsk restaurant “Shesh-Besh”. Rogozin announced this on social networks.

«My comrade and assistant Mikhail Bridasov, a former special forces officer», died, he wrote.

According to the ex-head of Roskosmos, other members of his group received injuries of varying severity.

«Three of them are in serious condition. A piece of shrapnel pierced my right forearm and stuck into the cervical vertebrae. Doctors think whether and how to operate. When I get better, I'll go back to the front. I will avenge the guys», — Rogozin said.

He told the RIA Novosti agency that he had met with a “group of military experts” in occupied Donetsk, and that Bridasov had served in the Alpha unit in the past.

< p>According to «Medusa«, the second deceased is a guard «of the Prime Minister of the DPR» Vitaly Khotsenko. Baza also writes that, according to preliminary information, the wives of Rogozin and Khotsenko were slightly injured during the shelling. In total, according to the publication, seven people were injured, including Rogozin himself and Khotsenko.

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