RosSMI: Deputy head of the occupation administration of the Kherson region Stremousov died in an accident

RosSMI: Deputy head of the Kherson Occupation Administration Stremousov died in a traffic accident

The so-called «deputy head of administration» Kherson region Kirill Stremousov died in an accident. This is reported by the Russian propaganda Telegram channel Readovka, citing its sources.

The propagandists do not provide any details of what happened. Other pro-Russian channels write that Stremousov's death was reported by his personal driver.

The death of Stremousov was also confirmed in the so-called occupation «administration» region. Vadim Ilmiyev, who holds the post of Minister of Health of the Kherson region in the pro-Russian administration, told reporters that the accident occurred on the Kherson-Armyansk highway.

  • In late September, the SBU and the Office of the Prosecutor General informed Stremousov of suspicion of collaborationism. Law enforcement officers established that he, with the support of the armed formations of the Russian Federation and representatives of the aggressor state, took a number of measures to prepare and organize an illegal referendum.

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