RosSMI: In Novaya Kakhovka, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated several dozen mobilized Volgograd residents, they do not explain anything to their relatives | PHOTO

RosSMI: Several dozen mobilized Volgograd residents were liquidated in Nova Kakhovka, relatives are not explained anything | PHOTO

On October 24, in the area of ​​Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated at least several dozen Russian mobilized people with a missile attack. This is reported by The Insider.

According to the publication, especially many of the dead were from the Volgograd region. It was in the Volgograd forums that they drew attention to a strange anomaly: starting from the end of October, local newspapers began to publish two or three obituaries about the mobilized, and under all the photographs there was the same date of death – October 24, 2022. The place and circumstances of death were not reported in the obituaries.

The media published the names of 20 mobilized from Volgograd and the region – all died that day in the Kherson region near Novaya Kakhovka. It is clarified that the total number of those liquidated as a result of this strike is unclear, but it can be much higher, since these names are what could only be found in Volgograd obituaries.

The dead in Novaya Kakhovka, who are known:

  • Sergey Alekseev;
  • Sergey Vyacheslavovich Gorbunov;
  • Alexander Guzev;
  • Alexander Vasilyevich Zabaluev;
  • < li>Kopanev Alexey Dmitrievich;

  • Kuzmin Alexander Nikolaevich;
  • Makarovskiy Evgeny;
  • Martynenko Sergey;
  • Mikhalev Alexey;
  • Orlov Evgeny;
  • Michael Nikolaevich Saratovtsev;
  • Gennady Smirnov;
  • Gennady Tarbushin;
  • Alexander Tevyanov;
  • Alexander Tomarev;
  • < li>Sergey Rafigovich Shmelev;

  • Evgeny Kostryukov;
  • Konstantin Lysenko;
  • Nikita Poklonsky;
  • Dmitry Sysoev;
  • Arslanbekov Ilnur Ildarovich (born in the Tyumen region, died in the Kherson region);
  • Makhmatov (Makhmadov) Ilkhom Ermakhmatovich (born in the Vologda region, died in the Kherson region).

RosSMI: Several dozen mobilized Volgograd residents were liquidated in Novaya Kakhovka, relatives are not explained anything | PHOTOS

There is no official data on the causes of the death of these soldiers, but on November 3, several public pages on VKontakte reported that on October 24, a convoy of Volgograd conscripts sent to the front was fired on in Ukraine.

A list of 20 names, all matching those listed in media obituaries. On November 11, the post with the list was published by the rector of the church of St. Admiral Theodore Ushakov, secretary of the Disciplinary Commission of the Volgograd diocese, deputy head of the prison ministry Evgeny Karavaev. He also pointed out that Novaya Kakhovka was the place of death of the mobilized.

The ROMB YouTube project was able to contact a relative of one of the victims, who confirmed that Volgograd residents came under fire in a column near the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station.

“On the 27th, we went to the military registration and enlistment office, we were told that the whole car had died – 20 boys. Where they were going, they can't tell us. They began to leave for the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station. Several cars, 90 people, and the very first car came under fire. What exactly happened there – no one told us anything. Fragments – presumably HIMARS”, — the woman said.

The mother of one of the dead said that the military registration and enlistment office did not give her any information at all, saying only: “Sorry, it happened.”

The journalists also managed to contact with the mobilized, who, allegedly, rode in that convoy, but remained alive. He said that people were crammed into KamAZ trucks, they were sitting on the sides, the cars were moving at a speed of 35-40 km/h and constantly stopped, so one blow was enough to kill 20 people at once.

As reported by The Insider in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, only on October 24 and only in the Kherson region did Ukrainian troops strike at the concentration of invaders in Zabarino (according to the estimates of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – about 70 dead), in Aleshki – two coverings of the clusters, as well as a strike on a supply convoy of five trucks moving along R-57 highway (preliminarily 7 dead). At the same time, a blow was struck at the base of the Russian military in the village of Cairo, Kherson region, it was located on the territory of the local lyceum, the death toll is unknown.

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