Rudova seductively opened her strong breasts in an invisible bodice

Rudova seductively opened her strong breasts in an invisible bodice

The actress from the TV series “Univer. New hostel “sexually bent in the lower back, sticking out” juicy float “.

Natalia Rudova. Photo: rudovanata

Natalia Rudova at 38 years old, she is in no hurry to become a mother. At the same time, the actress from the series “Univer. The new hostel “played the role of fans by posting on Instagram pictures in which she posed with a noticeably” rounded “belly. The fans wondered: either the star had a good meal, or was hiding an interesting position. However, all speculation turned out to be false. Rudova is not yet ready to go on maternity leave or give birth to a baby. And “changes in the figure” can be explained not by the most “stellar” perspective.

On the beach, Natalia poses in sexy swimsuits, showing off a chiseled waist, slender legs, thunder-thighs and a lush “liquid” chest. In an invisible bra, the actress “accidentally” flashed her “fox noses.” The beautiful blonde attracted the attention of fans with her stunning figure. It is impossible to resist a socialite. She looks just amazing.

Natalya Rudova in an invisible bikini lit up “sweet buttons” under the thin fabric of the bra. Photo:

“What a juicy float”, “Was it possible?”, “People can walk from behind, but here is such a view! She showed her a round nut and does not even hesitate “,” Disgraced? Fox noses upright “,” Oh, like in a song, our stigmas are on the heel, and our tails are upright! Laughter “,” Ecstasy “,” Someone leaned on cheesecakes! The figurine is sweet, ”the followers write.

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