Russia again attacked Ukraine with missiles. Several explosions in Kyiv

Russia has again attacked Ukraine with rockets. Several explosions in Kyiv

In Kyiv, during the air raid, explosions were heard, there is a hit in the infrastructure. This was announced by the mayor of the city Vitali Klitschko.

«Hit in one of the infrastructure facilities of the capital. Stay in cover! The air raid continues», the mayor said.

«After the explosion, some Kyivans on the left bank had no water and power outages», writes &#171 ; Kyiv. The main thing».

At 14:23 Klitschko announced new explosions.

«Several more explosions in different parts of the capital. Rescue services and doctors are on the way», he wrote in a telegram.

At 14:45, the KMVA reported that as a result of hitting damaged two-story building . Three people were killed and six injured.

Updated 15:08. Klitschko said that due to shelling, water supplies suspended throughout Kyiv. Kievvodokanal specialists are working to restore it as soon as possible.

“Specialists are doing everything possible to return water to the homes of Kiev residents. Power engineers are also working to restore power supply in the capital,” he wrote in a telegram.

The head of the Kyiv OVA Oleksiy Kuleba said that in the Kyiv region, a hit was recorded in the housing sector and critical infrastructure facilities. There is a threat of repeated shelling.

Local public reports report a series of explosions in Lvov. The mayor of the city, Andrey Sadovy, against the backdrop of these messages, called for staying in shelters, and then announced that the city was left without electricity.

«The whole city is without electricity. We are waiting for additional information from the power engineers. There may be interruptions in the water supply. Stay in cover», — Sadovy wrote.

Updated 3:47 pm. As a result of missile attacks on infrastructure facilities, power grids have been disconnected and there is currently no voltage in most communities of Khmelnitsky region (except for Belogorye, Teofipol, Polonny and Volochysk). This was announced by the head of the Khmelnytsky OVA Serhiy Gamaly.

In addition, part of Khmelnitsky is without water. KhNPP power units are disconnected from the power system.

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