Russia first used a surface drone in the war with Ukraine. This may change the balance of power in the Black Sea | VIDEO

Russia used surface drone for the first time in war with Ukraine. This could change the balance of power in the Black Sea | VIDEO

During the latest massive attack, Russia used maritime surface drones for the first time. Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny announced this on Telegram.

«Talked by phone with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States, General Mark Milley. I informed my colleague about the results of the enemy's latest massive missile attack, stressed the importance of air defense systems and thanked them for providing them. He shared his concern about the use of maritime surface drones by Russia, which poses a threat to civilian navigation in the Black Sea,” he wrote.

Earlier, a video of an attack by a water drone on bridge in Odessa.

According to HI Sutton, the video most likely shows an unmanned surface vehicle (USV ) like those used by Ukraine. The fact that such drones are in service with Russia has not been previously reported, the expert emphasizes.

During the massive shelling of Ukraine on February 10, many small fast boats cruised around the Admiral Grigorievich class frigate in the Sevastopol region, continues HI Suton. He suggests that some of them were guarding the ship, others could be USVs.

If the Russian army really had such drones, the UAF would no longer be able to attack Russian warships, as it was at the end of October 2022.< /p>

“We can see a change in the balance of power in the Black Sea. This time again in favor of Russia”, — analyst writes. In addition, he suggests, Russia can use the USV to attack ships in the Black Sea as part of the grain agreement, in order to then blame the Ukrainian Armed Forces for the attacks.

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