Russia handed over to Ukraine the first bodies of dead defenders from Azovstal

Russia handed over to Ukraine the first bodies of the dead defenders from Azovstal

As part of the exchange, Moscow handed over to Kyiv the bodies of dozens of Ukrainian soldiers who died at the Mariupol Azovstal plant. This is reported by “AR”.

– Russia has begun transferring the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers who died at the Azovstal metallurgical plant. According to a spokesman for the Azov Regiment, dozens of the dead recovered from the bombed-out ruins of the plant, which is now occupied by Russia, were taken to the capital. DNA analysis is being carried out there to identify the remains, the newspaper writes.

As noted in the report, the Ukrainian government did not report on the extraction of the remains of Ukrainian soldiers from the ruins of Azovstal, but relatives of the soldiers confirmed the information to journalists.


– The brother of an Azov fighter who went missing at the plant and presumed to have died, said that at least two truckloads of bodies from Azovstal were taken to a military hospital in Kyiv for identification. Vyacheslav Drofa said that the remains of his older brother Dmitry Lisen were not among those found yet. He added that some of the dead were badly burned, the journalists emphasized.

The Association of Families of Azovstal Defenders confirmed the exchange of the bodies of our dead soldiers between Ukraine and Russia, which took place according to the formula “160 to 160”.

– Indeed, the bodies of the dead defenders of Azovstal have already arrived in Kyiv. The patronage service of the Azov regiment met and, together with the doctors, examined and described the bodies. It is important to note that among the bodies of the dead, a third are fighters of the Azov regiment, the belonging of other bodies to different units is being clarified. Forensic experts are conducting work that, in time, may last up to three months, the organization emphasized.

As indicated in the message, over time, the families of the victims will be called for examination and identification procedure. Negotiations and the solution of organizational issues on the further exchange of the bodies of the dead heroes are also ongoing.

For the first time, Ukraine and Russia exchanged the bodies of the dead military men on June 2 at the front in the Zaporozhye region. According to the Ministry of Reintegration, then the procedure was carried out according to the formula “160 by 160”. Such agreements were reached by the parties during negotiations with the participation of the Commissioner for Missing Persons in Special Circumstances.

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