Russia has begun the transfer of trained Russian military from Belarus to the Luhansk region

Russia has begun transferring trained Russian troops from Belarus to Luhansk region

< p> The trained contingent of the Russian Armed Forces with equipment is transferred from Belarus to the occupied territories of Ukraine. This was reported by the monitoring group «Belarusian Gayun«.

It is reported that on February 27 from Polonka station (Brest region) to Gukovo station (Rostov region) and further to Krasnaya Mogila station (Lugansk region) ) another echelon of the Armed Russian Federation was sent.

There were 50 cars, of which:

  • 10 passenger cars (with approximately 500 personnel of the Armed Russian Federation);< /li>
  • 3 covered wagons (with equipment);
  • 37 flat wagons (with loaded military equipment).

The indicated train should arrive at the destination station (Gukovo) around March 03. There will be a change of locomotive to the locomotive of the so-called «DNR». Then the train will go to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, more precisely, to the Krasnaya Mohyla station and further towards Debaltseve, and then to Uglegorsk.

Among other things, on February 27, 2 more military trains were sent from Belarus in the direction of the Donetsk/Luhansk regions with equipment and trained contingent of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (from Lesnaya station and Osipovichi station). Both echelons have destination stations on the North Caucasian Railway.

From Osipovichi it was taken out:

  • 6 passenger cars (about 300 people)
  • 5 freight wagons (equipment)
  • 25 trucks (KamAZ, Ural, gazelles)
  • 12 artillery pieces (most likely 152 mm Giacint-B guns)
  • 9 wheeled anti-tank systems «Competition»

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