Russia launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine. Many areas were left without electricity.

Russia launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine. Many regions were left without power

On the morning of October 31, the Russian invaders launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine. This was reported by the heads of the regions.

Head of the Kyiv OVA Oleksiy Kuleba said that air defense is working in the region. According to him, as a result of the missile attack, there are «arrivals» in one of the communities in the region, while restrictions on the supply of electricity are applied in the Kiev region.

In turn, the mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy Klitschko, noted that the enemy attacked critical infrastructure facilities, as a result of which part of Kyiv was de-energized. There is no water supply in some areas of the capital.

The head of the Vinnitsa OVA, Sergei Borzov, said that an enemy missile was shot down in the region. Its fragments fell on civilian objects, there is damage. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Head of the Kirovograd OVA Andrei Raikovich reports that enemy missiles hit one of the energy facilities near Svetlovodsk. Pre — no casualties.

Lviv Mayor Andrey Sadovyy reported downed rockets over the region. The mayor urged people to stay in safe places until the end of the air raid.

Igor Taburets, head of the Cherkasy OVA, reports that the enemy attacked one of the critical infrastructure facilities in the region. As a result of the incident, part of the region was de-energized.

The head of the Kharkiv OVA Oleg Sinegubov said that the enemy had attacked Kharkov and the Chuguevsky district of the region, previously with S-300 missiles, which were launched from Belgorod. As a result of the shelling, critical infrastructure facilities were damaged.

Head of the Poltava OVA Dmitry Lunin reported on the work of the air defense.

Head of the Khmelnytsky OVA Sergey Gamaly noted that fragments of a Russian missile fell in the region, as a result causing damage to a civilian object. Pre — no casualties.

Deputy Head of the Office of the President Kyrylo Tymoshenko noted that as a result of enemy rocket attacks in Ukraine, emergency power outages are introduced. He assured that all the necessary services are working to eliminate the consequences.

«Ukrzaliznytsya» reported on the de-energization of certain sections, despite this, 80% of trains run without delay. Reserve diesel locomotives have been withdrawn, all trains will continue to run.

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