Russia launched another missile attack on Ukraine: what objects were attacked

Russia launched another missile attack on Ukraine: what objects were attacked

< p>On the morning of November 17, the terrorist country again attacked the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

The Russians are currently bombing Ukrainian gas production, Prime Minister Denys Shmihal announced this.

&# 171;They are aiming at enterprises in the Dnieper and at «Yuzhmash»», — he said.


The Kyiv city military administration reported the destruction of two missiles in the sky of the capital.
Subsequently, they added that one Shahed UAV was destroyed over Kyiv.< /p>

Updated at 11:52. During the air raid over Kyiv, 4 missiles and 5 UAVs «Shahed» were destroyed.

Kyiv region

According to the head of the OVA Oleksiy Kuleba, air defense was working in the region. Later, he added that there is information about the flight of missiles and martyrs over the region.

KMVA reported that two UAVs «Shahed» were shot down over the Kyiv reservoir.

Odessa region

According to the head of the region Maxim Marchenko, Russia launched a missile attack on an infrastructure facility in our region.

The Odessa Regional State Administration reported three people injured as a result of a missile attack.

Updated at 12:00. In OK «South» reported that «from the Black Sea the enemy launched «Calibrov», and using tactical aviation from 2 Su-30 sent 6 air-launched missiles. A logistics facility in the regional center was hit. 1 civilian was injured. The blast wave damaged the buildings of surrounding enterprises. 6 missiles were destroyed by air defense forces over the sea».


«Russian missiles attacked the Dnieper. Hits in two districts of the city. There is a hit in an industrial enterprise. There is a big fire there. Residential buildings nearby were damaged. Preliminary, five wounded. Among them is a 15-year-old girl. Everyone in the hospital is in a state of moderate severity,” said the chairman of the OVA, Valentin Reznichenko.

The mayor of Dnipro reported eight wounded as a result of the explosion.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky released a video of the moment of the explosion in Dnipro and commented on it this way:

«Here is another confirmation from Dnipro how terrorists want peace. Morning. A peaceful city and the desire of people to live a familiar life. Go to work, on business. Rocket strike! The terrorist state really wants to bring Ukrainians only more pain and suffering», — he wrote.

Updated at 11:52. Boris Filatov published a photo of the coat of a city hall employee who was injured by rocket debris.

«This is — coat. And this is — splinter. The coat belongs to an employee of the mayor's office. My subordinate. Now she is being operated on. During today's rocket attack, she and her colleague were just doing their job. Helped weak old people», — he wrote.

Russia has launched another missile strike in Ukraine: what objects were attacked

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