Russia wants to send conscripts to Donbass

Russia wants to send conscripts to Donbas

There is reason to believe that Russia wants to send conscripts to fight in Donbas. This was announced by President Volodymyr Zelensky during an evening video message.

– The key tactical goal of the occupiers has not changed. They put pressure on Severodonetsk, where fierce battles continue – literally for every meter. And they are also pressing in the direction of Lisichansk, Bakhmut, Slavyansk. The Russian army is trying to bring reserve forces to the Donbass. But what reserves can they have now? It looks like they will try to throw poorly trained conscripts into battle and those who were gathered along the path of covert mobilization. Russian generals see their people simply as cannon fodder, which they need to provide an advantage in numbers – in the amount of manpower, in the amount of military equipment, the president said.

Zelensky believes that Russia could cross the border of 40 thousand of their lost military. In no other war over many decades has the Russian army lost so many people.

Since the beginning of the war, Zelensky has repeatedly stated that conscripts and cadets of military schools are fighting in Ukraine, in particular. The first person in Russia to say this was member of the Federation Council Lyudmila Narusova (mother of TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak). According to her, a contract was signed with conscripts and subsequently they were sent to war in Ukraine. On March 4, Narusova stated that the conscripts had been taken out of Ukraine, but “out of a company of one hundred people, four remained alive.” Later, the Kremlin called the presence of conscripts in Ukraine a mistake and promised to punish those responsible.

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