Russia will have 'no mercy' for Daria Dugina's murderers

Russia will have “no mercy” for the murderers of Daria Duguina

The coffin of journalist Daria Douguina, killed on Saturday in the explosion of her car, was exposed Monday during a ceremony at the Ostankino center in Moscow.

The head of diplomacy Russian Sergey Lavrov called on Tuesday to have “no mercy” for the murderers of the daughter of a pro-Kremlin imperialist ideologue killed in an attack, whose funeral was attended by hundreds of people.

Daria Douguina, a journalist and political scientist, was killed on Saturday evening in the explosion of the vehicle she was driving on a road near Moscow. She was 29.

She was the daughter of Alexandre Douguine, 60, an ultranationalist philosopher and writer promoting an imperialist doctrine. Like her father, she fiercely supported the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

They were returning together, but in different vehicles, from a conservative cultural festival in the region of Moscow.

“It was a barbaric crime for which there can be no forgiveness […]. There can be no mercy for organizers, sponsors and performers.

—Sergei Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

Hundreds of people, including relatives and politicians, gathered in Moscow on Tuesday in front of the coffin of Daria Dougina, above which had hung a smiling portrait of her, noted the ;AFP.

She died at the front for the nation, for Russia. The forehead is here, said Mr. Dougin, in a trembling voice, dark circles in his eyes, present with his wife and the mother of Daria Douguina, Natalia Melentieva.

Daria Dougina's father, Alexandre Douguine, who was targeted by the attack that killed his daughter, according to the Kremlin, is an ultranationalist ideologue, a fierce defender of his country's war against Ukraine.

< p class="e-p">Among the first words we taught him, in his childhood, there is obviously “Russia”, “our power”, “our people”, “our empire”, recounted Alexander Dougin, holding back tears.

This murder shocked Russia and undermined the efforts of the authorities to convince that the offensive in Ukraine, launched six months ago, has no negative consequences for the Russian population.< /p>

However, the conflict has become increasingly visible in recent weeks, with in particular a series of explosions in Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Moscow where many Russians traditionally spend their holidays.

Less than 48 hours after the death of Daria Duguina, the Russian security services (FSB) said on Monday that they had concluded that the attack had been planned and carried out by a woman working for the Ukrainian secret service. kyiv has denied any involvement.

In a message of condolence, Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced a despicable, cruel crime, which prematurely ended the life of Daria Dugina, a brilliant and talented person with a truly Russian heart.

Mr. Putin also posthumously presented him with the Order of Courage, an important decoration.

US Foreign Affairs spokesman Ned Price abstained Monday of any speculation about responsibility for the murder. He condemned any attack on civilians and stressed that Kyiv had rejected any involvement.

The daughter of a Russian ultranationalist ideologue, herself a supporter of the annexation of Ukraine, was killed on Saturday evening near Moscow in the explosion of his car which was caused by a bomb, Russian investigators said on Sunday.

Since the murder of a journalist is not even commented on from this angle, which is nevertheless so important for the American authorities, then Washington has no moral right to judge […] of human rights in the world, reacted on Tuesday his Russian counterpart, Maria Zakharova, on Telegram.

Promoter of Eurasism, an imperialist doctrine advocating an alliance between Europe and Asia, under Russian leadership, Alexander Dougin has been targeted since 2014 by European Union sanctions.

His daughter had been sanctioned beginning of March by the United States.

Media personality and polyglot, recognizable by his long beard, Alexandre Douguine is influential in part of the European far right.

Dubbed Putin's mastermind by some media, Dougin is sometimes portrayed as being close to the Russian president. But the latter never supported him publicly and many observers relativize his influence in the Kremlin.

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