Russian Federation did not resort to massive strikes for a week: APU explained the reason for the “calm”

RF has not resorted to massive strikes for a week: APU explained the reason for the

For a week, Russia did not resort to massive strikes on the territory of Ukraine due to a shortage of weapons. This was announced at a briefing by the speaker of the Air Force, Yuri Ignat.

«Obviously, the enemy cannot afford to deliver massive strikes all the time, because he is experiencing a certain shortage of weapons. This also applies to the «Iskanders», and X555, X101 missiles, as well as «Caliber», especially «Caliber»», — Ignat said

He noted that Russia used up to 15 «Caliber» in October. It is clear that the invaders are experiencing a shortage of these missiles. So, they cannot be quickly manufactured, put into operation and put on carriers.

At the same time, carriers of «Caliber» have already been withdrawn to the Black Sea, so any provocation with strikes is possible.


«»Calm» this is conditional, the war continues. Conditional lull can be associated with actions in the southern direction. We see what happened — the right bank of the Dnieper was liberated. Probably, the enemy focused all his attention precisely on these measures in order to preserve his grouping of troops in this direction as much as possible and to safely redeploy him to the Left Bank», — added Air Force speaker.

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