Russian gas deliveries set to resume Thursday 'at pre-maintenance level' | War in Ukraine

Russian gas deliveries expected to resume on Thursday “at pre-maintenance levels” | War in Ukraine

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Pipes at the facilities of the “Nord Stream 1” gas pipeline in Lubmin, Germany, on March 8, 2022.

Deliveries of Russian gas to Germany are expected to resume on Thursday at “pre-maintenance” levels via the Nord Stream gas pipeline, work on which ends Thursday morning, the German operator said of the Gascade network.

We assume that, under current appointments, gas transport via Nord Stream will resume at pre-maintenance levels, i.e. 40% of the capacity, the company said in a statement based on data submitted by its customers.

Nominations are notifications sent by gas exporters and importers to the network operator, before making or receiving their deliveries.

Europe is hanging on Moscow's decision to restart the pipeline, which supplies Russian gas mainly to Germany, but also to many states in x27;EU.

Citing the absence of a turbine under maintenance in Canada, Gazprom cut deliveries via Nord Stream by 60% in June. A pretext, according to Berlin, which denounces a political decision.

For the first time since the start of maintenance work 10 days ago, Gascade's online platform posted a forecast of point of delivery deliveries on Wednesday afternoon. x27;Arrival of the gas pipeline, in Lubmin, northern Germany.

But we will have to wait for the gas to actually flow to check the level of volumes supplied by Gazprom. All this can change until [Thursday], also tempered the president of the German Network Agency, Klaus Müller, on Twitter.

Full recovery of transport may take a few hours and last until the end of the morning of July 21, Gascade also detailed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has blown hot and cold on the prospects for Nord Stream in the coming weeks.

He hinted the pipeline could restart Thursday morning, but if Russia did not receive the missing turbine, it would be running at 20% capacity as early as next week, according to press reports overnight Tuesday-Wednesday.

Because, according to the Russian president, a second turbine must in turn be subject to maintenance at the end of July. Mr Putin on Wednesday questioned the condition of a repaired Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline turbine in Canada, fueling uncertainty over the future of gas deliveries from Moscow which worries European countries.

This Siemens turbine is presented by Moscow as essential to the proper functioning of Nord Stream 1.

Canada, where it had been sent for to be repaired in a factory of the German group, returned the turbine to Germany, but the timetable for its delivery to Russia remains uncertain.

They say they're going to send those [turbines] back, one of them anyway. But in what condition are they going to send it back, what will be the technical parameters after the repair?, Putin said, as quoted by the Tass news agency.

Maybe they [the pipeline operators] just have to turn it off at some point, and then Nord Stream 1 will stop, did you he continued.

These remarks are likely to fuel the concern of Europeans who are wondering about the future of Russian gas deliveries.

On Wednesday, Putin accused Canada of delaying sending the repaired turbine back to its soil in hopes of boosting its own gas sales to the United States. #x27;Europe.

[Canada's] motivations are linked to its efforts to enter the European market, because it wants to develop its own gas production there. That's all, he claimed.

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