Russian invaders destroyed Vasilisa Frolova's home yard in Kharkov

Russian invaders destroyed Vasilisa Frolova's home yard in Kharkiv

Television presenter Vasilisa Frolova showed on social networks eerie footage of Russian missiles arriving in the yard in Kharkiv, where she lived 20 years. According to her, on June 28, two people were killed and children were injured from a shell strike.

– My home yard in Kharkov. Yesterday. Four Khrushchev houses in New Houses, in which I knew almost all the inhabitants, every entrance, because there were friends and classmates everywhere, I remember every hole in the asphalt, because it was a childhood dream to park my first own car in this yard. I was born there, grew up, spent all my childhood in this clearing with two swings and horizontal bars. Yesterday, it was in front of my windows, it was on my native glade, that fucking rashist rockets flew in! I still can’t accept it all day, but so many people have already written to me … Two people in my yard died, children who were just playing football were injured! – Vasilisa said on Instagram.

Frolova still cannot believe that the place that kept so many memories has been destroyed.

– Rashists are destroying yard after yard, house after house, city ​​after city, but they are not able to destroy the country! Not on the teeth! We already have too much leverage, hatred, revenge and desire to win! Instagram deletes messages with swear words … They have not yet come up with a word that would even closely describe these creatures, the TV presenter signed the publication.

Earlier, Russian invaders struck a high-rise building in which TV presenter Lydia Taran lived together before the war with daughter. Six people were injured in the impact: one was killed, three were hospitalized, two received minor injuries and will be treated on an outpatient basis.

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