Russian rocket hit the house where the host Lydia Taran lives: Windows are broken

A Russian missile hit the house where the host Lydia Taran lives: Windows are broken

On June 26, Russian missiles struck a high-rise building where the host lived before the Russian attack TSN Lydia Taran. Fortunately, the journalist and her daughter were not at home – in the early days of the full-scale Russian invasion, they left for France. The TV presenter reported this under the post of her colleague Yevgenia Tsvetanskaya on Facebook.

According to Taran, windows were broken in the apartment as a result of the missile attack, but, fortunately, the fire did not break out.

“Everything is knocked out, but it doesn't seem to be on fire… But the main thing is that I and the little one weren't there… They strongly urge me to return from the air, because it's already safe in Kyiv… I myself imagined that she gave up slack and came here so as not to feel like a traitor,” the TV presenter noted.

TV presenter Serhiy Prytula reported on social networks that a kindergarten in Kyiv, where before the full-scale invasion Russia was visited by his daughter Solomiya.

More about the missile attack

A Russian missile hit a nine-story building in the Shevchenko district of Kyiv early Sunday morning. The impact injured six people: one person died, three were hospitalized, two received minor injuries and will be treated as outpatients.

A Russian rocket hit the house where host Lydia Taran lives: Windows are broken

Photo: screenshot/Evgenia Tsvetanskaya

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