“Russian salad” at the NATO summit was replaced by “Ukrainian”

“Russian salad” was replaced by ”Ukrainian” at the NATO summit

At the NATO summit in Madrid, journalists were surprised to find “Russian salad”. The embarrassment was reported by Reuters.

Olivier, which is called Russian salad abroad, was included in the menu of a media center restaurant on the outskirts of Madrid. This is a mixture of peas, potatoes, carrots and mayonnaise. Salad is one of the main dishes in Spanish restaurants. However, its presence on the menu at the summit caused bewilderment, as the new strategic concept of the Alliance called Russia the main threat to NATO's security.

According to the agency, a salad worth 8 euros was sold out within a few hours, despite the name. Journalists explained this by the high content of carbohydrates in the dish.

Spanish chef Jose Andres corrected the situation. On the menu, which was served to the ministers of defense and foreign affairs at a banquet in the baroque Santa Cruz Palace in central Madrid, he included a “Ukrainian salad.” The chef added tomato dumplings to Olivier. According to journalists, Jose Andrés has renamed Olivier in all his restaurants.

“Russian salad” at the NATO summit was replaced by ”Ukrainian”

A portion of Olivier cost 8 euros. Photo: REUTERS/Sabine Siebold

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