Russian ships reloaded and entered the Black Sea: Kim warns of a new wave of attack

Russian ships reload and enter Black Sea: Kim warns of new wave of attack< /p>

The head of the Nikolaev region, Vitaly Kim, said that Russian missile ships were reloaded and again went to the Black Sea for possible missile launches in Ukraine. He said this in a video message on Friday, October 10.

«The ships are again going to sea, reloaded with «Calibers», and takeoff from Astrakhan is also being prepared. Hypothetically, there could be more strikes, so keep an eye out for air raid alerts, don't neglect your safety. Second, I appeal to everyone, in particular, in the Nikolaev region. We need to limit electricity consumption during peak hours — 17:00-22:00. We need to help other regions, because this is the only system», — he said.

  • On October 10, Russia attacked Kyiv and other major Ukrainian cities with missiles.

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