Russian Su-34s in Belarus spotted Kh-35 anti-ship missiles, which are shelling Ukrainian cities | VIDEO

Russian Su-34s in Belarus spotted X-35 anti-ship missiles, which are firing at Ukrainian cities | VIDEO

On Russian Su-34 fighters, which participate in «exercises» on the territory of Belarus, X-35 anti-ship missiles were spotted. The corresponding video was published by the Ministry of Defense of Belarus.

The footage was filmed at the airfield «Baranovichi», from which the nearest Baltic Sea is 370 km, and Belarus itself has no access to the sea at all. You can also see that the Su-34s are standing with these missiles suspended on a pylon and are, apparently, in the state of «readiness No. 2»: the aircraft is in the parking lot, ready for an urgent takeoff, the personnel are located near the aircraft.

In total, seven Su-34s were spotted at the indicated airfield, but two of them have been at this airfield since at least August 2022.

The regular version of the X-35 has an active radar homing head. At the same time, there is a version of the X-35U, in which a satellite navigation system was integrated, which allows you to hit ground stationary targets. The Kh-35 launch range is 130 km, Kh-35U – 260 km. The weight of the warhead is 145 kg.

Russia used this type of missile in Syria to strike ground targets. In addition, these missiles have already been repeatedly used for attacks on the coastal cities of Ukraine.

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