Russian Wikipedia “buried” Vitaly Kozlovsky: the singer responded to a joke

Russian Wikipedia

Ukrainian singer Vitaliy Kozlovsky said on social networks that he has been dead for three days, according to the Russian Wikipedia. The artist published in social networks a screenshot of the website page, which indicates that he died on June 18 as a result of an accident near Odessa, in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. At the moment, this information has been removed from the site.

– I “died”. Already like 2 days! According to Wikipedia. Although, yesterday there was a situation when I was close to it, but everything worked out, – Vitaly noted on Instagram.

It is noteworthy that in the Ukrainian version of Wikipedia, information about the artist is indicated without errors. Who thus decided to make a joke on the performer is still unknown.

Earlier, in an interview with KP in Ukraine, Kozlovsky admitted that he does not communicate with his sister and nephew from Russia, because they believe in Russian propaganda.

– I think it would be very difficult for dad today to live with his honest attitude to life. The injustice would just kill him. I don't think he would have survived it all. His daughter and grandson live in Moscow, he would not be able to perceive this normally. And there would be conflicts. I don't talk to them today. For the first ten days I still tried to talk to them, to explain, but it was all useless. He cursed many and sent them to hell. They tell me that it is also impossible, you will bring trouble to yourself. And how is it possible today, when they came to your house and kill everyone? When I say this, I even shake, I can not restrain myself. And this is not the time to hold back. Today I speak the way I feel and see, – said the artist.

Kozlovsky is 37 years old. From 2016 to 2017, the artist was in a relationship with TV presenter and blogger Ramina Eshakzai. After the break, Ramina stated that the couple did not have sex, but a purely platonic relationship developed. According to rumors, now the singer is happy in a relationship with his PR director Yulia Bakumenko. However, the artist does not comment on this information.

Russian Wikipedia " buried

The site indicated that the artist died on June 18 as a result of an accident in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Photo: screenshot < /p>

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