Russians began shelling Kherson | VIDEO

Russians started shelling Kherson | VIDEO

Russian invaders started shell Kherson. This is stated in the evening summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In particular, it is reported that in the Kryvyi Rih and Kherson directions, the enemy from tanks, cannon and rocket artillery hit the areas of the settlements of Krasny Mayak, Kachkarovka, Tokarevka, Chernobaevka and Kherson.

At the same time, photos and videos of a severe fire in Kherson appeared on Telegram channels.

Publications about the shelling appeared around 4 p.m. The footage shows thick columns of smoke: apparently, a huge fire started after the arrival.

According to a journalist from Kherson Konstantin Ryzhenko, the arrival in the afternoon was on the Quarantine Island – probably on the territory of the shipyard.

The same writes and “Rybar”, emphasizing that judging by the thick black smoke, the target of the attack could be a storage of fuel and lubricants.

Another shelling of Kherson was at night, pro-Russian television reported gram-channels and confirmed in the morning report by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The same sources reported about the shelling of Kherson on November 17.

Note that the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country did not report shelling of Kherson.

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