Russians place cannons and anti-aircraft guns of the 1939 model around Mariupol | VIDEO

Russians place 1939-type cannons and anti-aircraft guns around Mariupol | VIDEO< /p>

In the temporarily occupied Mariupol, the movement of equipment of Russian invaders is recorded. This was reported by the mayor's adviser Petr Andryushchenko.

During the day, the active movement of vehicles along the Zaporozhye-Pologi-Mariupol highway towards Mariupol continued. At least 10 tanks were recorded (one of them with the flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan) and one large howitzer.

An active movement of vehicles was also noticed through Mariupol towards Mangush/Berdyansk on the coast of the Mariupol region. More than ten trucks with ammo, manpower and control vehicle marked «V».

«Deliveries of weapons (guns and anti-aircraft guns) of 1939 samples were recorded. Massively placed around Mariupol. Judging by the arrangement, in this way, the Russians will try to counteract the Mariupol bavovna. Good luck, yeah», — writes Andryushchenko.

He added that the occupiers continue to place the military compactly, restoring the practice of placing the military in the schools of Mariupol. According to him, there is information about plans to place the occupying military in the premises of school No. 63 in the middle of JMR 23.

«Another attempt to hide behind civilians», — stressed Andryushchenko.

He noted that, in general, the main transfer of manpower from Mariupol and the Mariupol region has been completed. The total number of the remaining occupiers is up to 10-15 thousand (a decrease of 20-25 thousand).

«Mariupol continues to identify, record and correct data on Russian , actively helping Bavovna», — summed up Andryushchenko.

  • In APU stated that the occupiers were panicking because of explosions at ammunition depots in Mariupol.

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