Samuel Goulet, the murderer of Thomas Cameron, receives an adult sentence

Samuel Goulet, the murderer of Thomas Cameron, receives an adult sentence

Samuel Goulet received a life sentence for the murder of Thomas Cameron.

The murderer of Thomas Cameron, who pleaded guilty to second degree murder in July 2021, received an adult sentence on Monday at the Sherbrooke courthouse. He was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for seven years.

Judge Benoît Gagnon made this decision even though Samuel Goulet, now 20, was a minor at the time. The accused has been detained since the events of August 2019, which corresponds to more than four years of pre-trial detention. He will therefore be able to apply for release in three years.

I am aware that the sentence is very heavy and important, underlined Judge Gagnon. You will have several years to reflect on the acts committed.

The judge also mentioned that Samuel Goulet still seemed to have difficulty understanding the gestures made.

“Only a specific sentence for adults allows the principle of proportionality to be respected, that is the gravity of the crime committed and the manner. The responsibility is full in the face of the crime. »

— Benoît Gagnon, judge at the Court of Quebec

The body of Thomas Cameron has was stabbed to death in August 2019.

Thomas Cameron, 18, was killed at Adrien-Cambron Park in Sherbrooke in August 2019. Samuel Goulet was 17 at the time, and was due to turn majority in just over a month. The young man used drugs and alcohol and walked around with bladed weapons before the crime. He was also addicted to methamphetamine when he committed his murder. His substance abuse problem was known, the court said when sentencing.

Judge Gagnon pointed out that Samuel Goulet came from a dysfunctional family and experienced violence there. As a teenager, he had been bullied, which led to him dropping out of secondary three. However, the court mentioned that although Samuel Goulet had neurocognitive disorders, there was no evidence that he suffered from a mental illness.

The court is left with little to understand the genesis of this attack, said Judge Gagnon. This is not an accident or carelessness. This is a murder, he insisted, stressing that some planning of the gestures was necessary.

Thomas Cameron's mother, Karine Cameron, insisted on attending the sentencing of her son's killer.

There, I will be able to rest, visibly tested by the last years. It's almost collapse because it dragged on for three years, she breathes.

Even if Samuel Goulet received a #x27;an adult sentence, Karine Cameron claims to be dissatisfied with the judgment, believing that the sentences are far too lenient in Canada and that the collateral victims are not sufficiently supported.

“My son was stabbed 62 times. He will never come back. No sentence can satisfy this lack. »

— Karine Cameron, mother of Thomas Cameron

For Karine Cameron, no pain can console her for the death of her son.

The criminal and penal prosecuting attorney, Me Nathalie Robidoux, had argued strongly in favor of an adult sentence with a life sentence.< /p>

She said during sentencing that the evidence was overwhelming and that the motive for the crime was incomprehensible. She also indicated that 62 wounds had been noted on the body of the victim, a relentlessness that the judge recalled in court.

The defense lawyer, Me Kim Dingman, for his part, had insisted that a sentence focusing on rehabilitation, rehabilitation and social reintegration of the defendant be imposed, and had suggested a sentence totaling 11 years.

Recall that the accomplice of the young murderer in this case had been sentenced to 30 months of placement in a youth center, the young woman having pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter. She regained her freedom last January.

About twenty people responded to the victim's mother's request and showed up at the Sherbrooke courthouse to attend the trial. #x27;sentence statement.

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