Sarah Jessica Parker brings unexpected fame to chips created in Latvia

Sarah Jessica Parker brings unexpected fame to chips created in Latvia

“I’m not kidding. Look at my short stories. Long chips! I’m taking this pack for my best team. There are six more packs in the photo. M&O store, you won’t regret it,” the famous actress writes.

The company has been producing chips in Pärnu for more than 30 years, but such advertising was unexpected today.

“People from the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand started writing to us, asking where to buy this product. Sarah Jessica Parker posted the chips in her Instagram account both as a picture and as story, where for a minute and a half told that he had tried them before, but then could not find them. Now he has found in one Manhattan store and bought out everything that was left there, the company’s representative Kristaps Radziņš tells the TV3 program “Bez tabu”.

He points out that there is currently communication with at least three new distributors thanks to Parker’s record.

“Of course, the most pleasant moment is that the star found the chips somewhere in Manhattan and appreciated the quality,” says Radzins.

Meanwhile, the owner of the company Laimonis Radziņš states that these chips can be purchased in 35 countries.

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