Saskatchewan RCMP issue warrant for Nova Scotia man

Saskatchewan RCMP issue arrest warrant for Nova Scotia man

Jeremy Mitchell MacKenzie, is the leader of an alleged white supremacist group called Diagolon.

The Royal Saskatchewan Mounted Police are issuing an arrest warrant for Nova Scotia man Jeremy Mitchell MacKenzie for multiple firearms offences.

Mr. Mackenzie was charged on July 18 with assault and mischief. He is also accused of having used a weapon negligently and of having pointed a firearm.

Saskatchewan RCMP say the charges stem from an incident last November in the Rural Municipality of Viscount in central Saskatchewan. Federal police say a provincial arrest warrant has been issued for MacKenzie, but added there is no evidence he is in Saskatchewan.

No further details were provided by the RCMP, but they confirm that they received the report of this incident in March of this year. Crown prosecutors are reviewing the case and will decide whether the warrant will be extended to other provinces.

The Nova Scotia man already faces 13 firearms charges in his home province after being arrested in January by Nova Scotia RCMP in the Pictou area.

Those charges include three charges of careless use of a firearm and three of unauthorized possession of a firearm. He is also accused of threatening Nova Scotia's chief medical officer after a series of mask-wearing protests outside his home.

Jeremy Mitchell MacKenzie is the leader of an online group known as Diagolon, whose members have been linked to the truck convoy protest that closed the Coutts, Alberta border.

University of New Brunswick professor and expert on far-right extremism and violence, David Hoffman said Diagolon is an American-style militia movement with beliefs white supremacists.

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