Satellite Images Indicate Up To 10 Bombers Disappeared From Russia's Dyagilevo Air Base After Bombings | A PHOTO

Satellite imagery indicates that up to 10 bombers have disappeared from the Russian Diaghilevo Air Base after the explosions | PHOTO

From the Russian military air base «Dyagilevo» in the Ryazan region, up to 10 Tu-22m bombers disappeared. Corresponding satellite images were published by Mark Krutov, journalist of the Russian edition of Radio Liberty.

In the published images, you can see that a damaged Tu-22M has disappeared from the air base. Also, at least 9 other Tu-22M bombers took off from the base.

Krutov does not rule out that individual aircraft could have moved to another location at the same base.

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3/6 Some more disappeared Tu-22Ms. Would be grateful if someone can count disappeared planes more precisely than I did (some seem to be moved to other spots at the same base)!

— Mark Krutov (@kromark) December 7, 2022

  • December 5, two airfields from where the Russian Federation launches missiles into Ukraine experienced explosions. Tu-95 aircraft were damaged.
  • The Russian Defense Ministry said that the attacks on military airfields were carried out by “Soviet-made jet unmanned aerial vehicles.”
  • According to the NYT, one of the strikes was coordinated by the Ukrainian special forces

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