Satellite showed what Bakhmut looks like after shelling | PHOTO

Maxar Technologies has shown fresh satellite images of Bakhmut, which, in particular, demonstrate the destruction of bridges across Bakhmutovka.

According to The New York Times, satellite images show that the eastern part of the city, which the Russians announced the capture of, has suffered the most.

A photo taken on March 6 shows that the bridges across the Bakhmutovka River, which separates the city, have been destroyed in half and, as the NYT notes, can be used by the Armed Forces to deter the enemy.

In addition, another image from March 6 shows that the area and the bridge in the south of B have been heavily damaged in the past few weeks Ahmut.

On the images of February 23, one can see large-scale damage to industrial enterprises, residential buildings and bridges.

< p>At the same time, UP sources among the military confirmed that the Ukrainian defenders had withdrawn from the Zabakhmutka area, located east of the Bakhmutovka River.

  • Commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces x forces Alexander Syrsky said that the relevance of holding the city of Bakhmut by the defenders is only growing.

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