SBU sources denied that Zelensky is going to fire Bakanov

SBU sources denied that Zelensky was going to fire Bakanov

The Security Service of Ukraine denied rumors that the head of department Ivan Bakanov was going to be dismissed. This was reported to KP in Ukraine by sources in the department.

Earlier, the American publication Politiko wrote that dissatisfaction with the work of Bakanov is growing in the environment of the President of Ukraine and efforts are being made to dismiss him from office. According to the publication, Bakanov “began to cope poorly with the duties assigned to him after Russia attacked Ukraine,” in connection with which President Vladimir Zelensky may dismiss him.

Bakanov has been heading the SBU since August 2019 of the year. In 2013-2019, he was the head of the Kvartal 95 studio and headed the campaign headquarters of Vladimir Zelensky.

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