SBU: The Kremlin wanted to put traitors from the Opposition Platform for Life and the Party of Regions in power

SBU: The Kremlin wanted to put traitors from the Opposition Platform for Life and the Party of Regions in power

The Kremlin's initial plans included an early occupation of Ukraine and the introduction of “local authorities” in occupied territories. At the same time, the aggressor country made bets on traitors to Ukraine from among the ex-members of the Party of Regions and the Opposition Platform for Life. The official speaker of the Security Service of Ukraine, Artem Dekhtyarenko, spoke about this in an interview with Glavkom.

– We are talking about former members of the Party of Regions who fled Ukraine a long time ago, and about politicians from the Opposition Platform for Life. They really wanted to return to power, while relying on the support of Russian troops. and continue to play an important role in cooperating with Russian agents in Ukraine and in further planning the seizure of power,” Dekhtyarenko said.

He emphasized that these people had access to the greatest secrets. Until now, they can maintain contacts with their former subordinates, who in one way or another influence certain processes and the adoption of certain decisions. “political office”, whose activities are coordinated by the fifth service of the FSB. Personally, Sivkovych has an important role to play in this scheme because he has a wide circle of contacts among Ukrainian politicians. Sivkovich and Klyuev, because of their connections, select citizens of Ukraine whom the FSB can involve in subversive activities. They also formed a list of people loyal to Russia who were planned to be used in the occupation authorities, – added the representative of the SBU.

Dekhtyarenko stressed that his department is constantly working to frustrate the plans of the aggressor. Yes, the SBU has long been aware of the betrayal of People's Deputy Derkach, but publicity could only be made now – when all the data was collected and recorded.

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