Scandal in Puy du Fou before Miss France 2021: the park responds to accusations of abuse

Hugo Clément, fervent defender of animals, shared the testimonies of former employees of Puy du Fou, who report acts of animal abuse. Park officials immediately reacted to these accusations.
” Recurring violence and acts of cruelty, which would spread over ten years ” … This is how Hugo Clément presented his last report on social networks. For his new issue of On the front , the 30-year-old journalist took an interest in Puy du Fou and more particularly in the animal abuse that would reign there. A seventeen-minute report on the famous park located in Vendée, which came out (as if by chance?) Just a few days before the election of Miss France 2021, a competition which is celebrating its centenary this year. Not enough to push back the companion of Alexandra Rosenfeld (Miss France 2006) so far.

The journalist relies on the testimonies of four former employees . The latter mention in particular the slaughter of a fallow deer, with three bullets in the head , after he escaped from his enclosure. ” We recovered the body and ate it. They cut it up and then we had a barbecue with it, ” reveals an employee. According to her, a sick lamb was placed still alive in a freezer so that the park does not pay the costs of a euthanasia. Another testimony reports that cats served as prey and ended up ” torn between the talons ” of raptors.

Charges that are cold in the back and to which the president of Puy du Fou, Nicolas de Villiers , reacted. He recognized “ recruitment errors ” as well as questionable practices, such as ostriches slaughtered at the end of the season or drugged camels. Methods that have not been used since 2012. ” For eight years, we have changed methodology and dromedaries can now go on stage, without tranquilizers, ” he said.

On the other hand, Nicolas de Villiers refutes acts of cruelty or willful mistreatment on the part of his employees. Moreover, on the official account of Puy du Fou on Instagram, he shared several videos. There may be trainers, vets and even journalists who have worked for the park. Nicolas de Villiers also sent a letter to Hugo Clément after the recording of the report, in which he believes that ” this investigation has, according to him, only one aim, to cast shame on all our work “.

The exit from this scandal with the approach of the election of Miss France 2021 (December 19) has in any case given a new opportunity to Geneviève de Fontenay to complain about the committee. She said she was ” revolted ” towards the competition and accuses the committee of not having ” inquired about the practices carried out by the Puy du Fou before deciding to hold the election there ” . She hopes that Sylvie Tellier’s organization will react.

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