Senior Toronto police officer under investigation for misconduct

Senior Toronto police officer under investigation for misconduct

Superintendent Scott Baptist of the Toronto Police Service is being investigated for making inappropriate comments about a woman last week.

A senior Toronto police officer has been suspended with pay following a complaint that he made inappropriate comments to a woman at a conference in Quebec City last week.

Superintendent Scott Baptist allegedly made inappropriate comments about a civilian member of his own police service while attending the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police conference ( ACCP), according to multiple sources who are not authorized to speak publicly.

Scott Baptist is now the subject of an internal disciplinary investigation. No criminal charges have been laid.

During this event, the superintendent received a lifetime achievement award in recognition of his contributions to road safety.

David Butt, the plaintiff's attorney, said by email that his client is cooperating fully with Toronto police investigators. To preserve the integrity of this investigation, we will make no further public statements, wrote David Butt.

Natalie Wright, CACP Communications Advisor, said the association is aware of the incident and an investigation is ongoing.

We fully support this investigation and we are cooperating, Ms. Wright said. The CACP condemns any inappropriate and/or unlawful behavior by police officers at any time, including at CACP events.

Joseph Markson , Mr. Baptist's attorney, said in an email that his client respects the investigative process, but categorically denies any misconduct.

In a statement, Toronto police said Superintendent Baptist has not been arrested or charged.

Police spokeswoman Stephanie Sayer also said said the Police Services Act prevents him from confirming or releasing information about matters of internal discipline, unless the matter is heard in a disciplinary tribunal, where the information is made public.

According to a CACP press release issued earlier this month, Mr. Baptist has worked as a police officer for 35 years.

During this period, he served in duties such as highway patrol, traffic enforcement, and collision reconstruction. As a staff sergeant, he was responsible for front-line traffic services officers, overseeing the City's response to fatal and life-threatening crashes. He has been the Toronto Police Traffic Operations District Commander since 2017.

Scott Baptist is the third senior Toronto Police officer to be the subject of an arrest. #x27;a misconduct investigation this year.

Superintendent Riyaz Hussein, who headed the service's disciplinary hearings office, was charged with impaired driving following a x27;An accident at Pickering, Ontario, in January. He is currently performing administrative duties pending the results of his criminal and disciplinary hearings.

Superintendent Stacy Clarke, meanwhile, faces charges in under the Police Services Act because she allegedly interfered with the Toronto Police promotion process by providing confidential information to a handful of officers before they were interviewed.

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