“Servant of the people” Kaptelov justified himself for supporting the Istanbul Convention: This was required by the president and the situation

"Servant of the People" Kaptelov justified himself for supporting the Istanbul Convention: This was demanded by the President and the situation

People's Deputy from the Servant of the People Roman Kaptelov admitted that voted for a bill to ratify the Istanbul Convention at the request of President Volodymyr Zelensky and his fellow party members. He wrote about it on Facebook.

– Personally, I voted “For”, as required by the president, the faction and the situation in which the country found itself. One of these days, the European Union will decide whether to grant us candidate status or not. I know that states such as the Netherlands and Sweden are against it. And the adoption of the convention, in advance, is an attempt to change their decision. That is, today's vote is a typical diplomacy, and I could not do otherwise. It is unacceptable to disrupt the chance of our country to become a candidate at such a time, the people's deputy said.

According to him, this bill was adopted by the Rada with Zelensky's warning that the document was adopted taking into account the norms of the Constitution and the Family Code of Ukraine. At the same time, the people's deputy does not agree with this position and believes that in our country “there is no place for a third gender.”

As a person with traditional standards in education, as a person raising two children, I cannot support such a document. Our country should not change the concept of the traditional family, the role of men and women. In our society there is no place for the “third sex” and other non-traditional relationships. Therefore, I believe that such a document will be denounced after we get EU membership, the politician is convinced.


The Istanbul Convention Ukraine signed in 2011, but failed to ratify it. The controversy in Parliament was over the term “gender” used in the document. Religious communities also opposed it, fearing that ratification could force one more gender to be added to the list, in addition to male and female. In their opinion, this could lead to an escalation of tension and a split in Ukrainian society and to the destruction of the traditional Ukrainian family.

The Istanbul Convention requires the legalization of same-sex marriages and establishes new approaches to defining gender identity. The authors of the document themselves admit that the main attention is paid to the destruction of prejudices and stereotypes. According to lawyers, the agreement is a framework document and now it is necessary to adjust the legislation to it, but in general this document is aimed at improving the situation in combating violence against women.

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