Servant of the People revokes Kovalev's mandate after a post with Russia's support

“Servant of the People” withdraws Kovalev's mandate after fasting with Russia's support

“Servant of the People” will withdraw mandate

“Servant of the People” will revoke the mandate of People's Deputy Alexei Kovalev. This was announced by the speaker of the faction Yulia Paliychuk after the post of parliamentarian about a meeting with the deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Russia Sergey Kiriyenko.

– We have decided: to appeal to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with a call to deprive Kovalev of the mandate of People's Deputy of Ukraine in accordance with the current legislation…

We will not call on our former colleague to resign his mandate. If conscience, honor and dignity have already been completely lost, there is no point in appealing to them. Let it happen according to the law after the verdict of the court.

We can only advise him to carefully study Article 111-Prim of the Criminal Code and predict the term of imprisonment for collaborationism, which awaits him after the liberation of the temporarily occupied Kherson region of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, – she wrote on her Telegram channel on Wednesday evening.


The Office of the Prosecutor General told UNN that criminal proceedings were initiated against Alexei Kovalev.

“The activities of the people’s deputy of Ukraine in the territory of the Kherson region occupied by the Russian Federation are now being investigated as part of criminal proceedings on treason and collaboration activities,” the department said.

“Servant of the People” will ask the Prosecutor General’s Office and the SBU to confiscate Kovalev’s assets and property , Paliychuk noted.

I attended a meeting with Kiriyenko

On June 8, People's Deputy Alexei Kovalev, expelled from the Servant of the People, wrote on his personal, and not deputy, Facebook page that he had attended a meeting with the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Russia.

– Yesterday I was at a very important event for me, and for all farmers in our area – the First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Sergey Kiriyenko met with farmers of the Kherson region, – the entry says in Russian, although before that, Kovalev wrote in Ukrainian.

Kovalev added that at the meeting the farmers voiced their questions and wishes. The parliamentarian said that the issues were discussed “as detailed as possible”, “a full-scale integration of the farmers of the Kherson region into the economic model of Russia is planned.”

– I think I will say not only about myself, but also about other participants in the meeting – people came out with the realization that Russia hears and understands us. In addition to agrarian issues, the status of the Kherson region was also discussed. I repeat – Russia is forever and the closest integration with Russia is already happening, – concluded in the post.

Aleksey Kovalev limited the list of people who can leave comments on this publication.

This is the first post of the People's Deputy on his personal Facebook page since February 24. On June 7, Kovalev wrote a post on his MP page in Ukrainian. In the recording, he called on the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine to restore Ukrainian communications in the Kherson region. The people’s deputy said that it took him 30 minutes to get there and inform the State Emergency Service of Ukraine about the fire near the village of Chulakovka in the Skadovsky district.

Already expelled from the faction

On April 7, Oleksiy Kovalev announced his return to the city of Holaya Pristan, which is part of the majority constituency, according to which the parliamentarian was elected to the Verkhovna Rada. After that, the journalists learned that the Servant of the People was collecting signatures for the suspension of Kovalev's membership in the faction. People's Deputy was expelled from factional chats. On April 28, Kovalev's membership in the faction was suspended, and on May 3 he was expelled.

Aleksey Kovalev explained his return to the temporarily occupied Kherson region by concern for voters and the need to engage in humanitarian assistance.

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